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Welcome to Luxury Hair Care! 

Hair Health

7+ Year proccess

I have alway struggled with dry, thin, damaged hair. Seven years ago I bleached, chopped it all off and then I dyed it. I felt like I would never get beautiful, long, healthy hair. I was getting married in 2021 and was so sad I wouldn't have beautiful, long hair. 

Then I found Monat! Monat is Vegan, Gluten Free, Leaping bunny Certified Luxury Hair Care. I began using Monat and absolutely fell in love with the results.

My hair is no longer breaking off. I am not afraid to put heat to my hair and I get to now share my experience with others in hopes they can have the hair & skin of their dreams! 

Monat is an amazing, award winning, luxury hair care at affordable prices. They provide hundreds of products for Men, Women, Children, and even pets! 

Take the customized hair survey to see what Monat "system" is right for you. 

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Your Hair Survey

Let me help you get to your Healthy, Dream Hair for your wedding and beyond!

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